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Kansas City Chiefs tight ends have one sure thing and then the questions begin

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Let's start reviewing the Kansas City Chiefs by position. Up today, the tight ends...

The sure thing: Travis Kelce

Kelce came into the league with an injury knock but after that first season he's been fine. He signed a five-year extension in the offseason. The only question here is what the Chiefs do if Kelce is hurt. I believe he's one of the most irreplaceable players on the team so it would be devastating if he were. Cross your fingers.

Good bet to make it: Demetrius Harris

The Chiefs gave him a three-year extension in January. It's not big time money ($6.3 million total) but it's enough to expect him to make the roster. The Chiefs run more two tight end sets than three tight ends so the question here is whether Harris hangs onto that role as the first one off the bench to play alongside Kelce. I would say likely so. He's a decent blocker and has shown flashes of catching ability. Enough flashing that he's my No. 2 tight end heading into next season.

The position battle: James O'Shaughnessy vs. Brian Parker

The Chiefs fifth round pick from last season vs. the Chiefs waiver wire pickup. O'Shaughnessy went on IR midway through the season but was active for seven of the nine games. Parker was active for the final 11 games where the Chiefs won 10 games. The Chiefs did list Shag as the No. 2 tight end at the start of camp last season but that was when Harris was injured. So I'm not sure who wins out here -- if the Chiefs keep just three tight ends. I suppose they could keep four if they like them all.

The long shot: Ross Travis

He played four years of basketball at Penn State which makes him a long shot. However, Harris was a college basketball player too and now look at him. Travis's background makes him an interesting player but how he gets on the roster is beyond me. I would be very surprised to see him beat out both Shag and Parker. I'm not sure if he has any more practice squad time available.