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Chiefs over / under win total and other NFL odds and predictions

How many games will the Kansas City Chiefs win in 2016? The over / under from the LV Super Bowl has the KC Chiefs at nine wins. There are eight teams that have higher over / under win totals than the Chiefs and three other teams who have the same win total. Las Vegas is saying the Chiefs are a slightly above average team which is about right. I'd put them in the category of the nine and 9.5 win teams below and a step behind those at 10 and 10.5 wins.

10.5: Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks, Panthers, Packers

10: Cardinals

9.5: Bengals, Broncos

9: Cowboys, Colts, Chiefs, Vikings

You look at the Chiefs 2016 schedule and it's pretty easy to come up with 10 wins. After the first playoff win in more than two decades, optimism for the Chiefs will be very high in 2016, and it should be. The Chiefs are a good team. They kept most of their core together and added a few pieces. The Sean Smith loss hurts but the Chiefs are still a playoff quality team. And once you get into the tournament...

The other to consider here is that the playoffs usually have roughly a 50 percent turnover rate. One or more of these teams listed here will be much worse than we think. Another that's not projected to do much - like the 2013 Chiefs, for example - will be really good. The Steelers are a good example of a team that barely made the playoffs last year but with a healthy Big Ben is likely to be a force in 2016.