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Marcus Peters pops up in this Marshawn Lynch profile

I was reading a Marshawn Lynch profile in The Undefeated when suddenly Marcus Peters showed up in the story. I suppose I'm not surprised because we knew Peters looked up to Lynch.

The Undefeated author Lonnae O'Neal wrote the story. Definitely read the whole thing because Lynch is a fascinating person. Here's one of the exchanges with Peters:

I'm standing in front of Peters and he looks at me and frowns. "Wipe that mess off your mouth," he commands.

"You mean my lipstick?" I say.

Yeah, wipe it off. He thrusts a bottle toward me.

"Hit the Henny!" he commands. I haven't seen a glass since my first two hours in Beast Mode so Peters shows me how I need to wrap my thumb around the neck and throw the bottle back.

I take a sip, and Peters sneers. "That was weak," he says.

There's another "Hit the Henny!" exchange at the end of the story, too. Not to be confused with Travis Kelce's "Hit the quan!"

The connection between these two is Oakland where they both grew up.

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