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Chiefs GM John Dorsey's take on how long Alex Smith will play

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Alex Smith has three seasons left on the contract extension he signed more than a year ago so it's a little early to be talking about when he's going to be done playing but Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey was asked about said on Pro Football Talk Live last week.

At 32 years old, how long will Alex Smith play?

You see Philip Rivers in our division, he's 37, 38 years old (actually only 34)," Dorsey said on PFT Live. "These quarterbacks are keeping themselves in such great shape. He could play until 35, 36, 37. That's the beauty of this whole thing. Alex takes care of himself, he's a better athlete than people realize, he's grown into the system and it's a good marriage between he and Andy."

Alex is under contract for three more years so he would be 34 at the end of the final year of his contract in 2018. Alex is an athlete at quarterback and part of his effectiveness is dependent on his speed running the ball. Presumably this would mean he would be affected more by age than others because you usually don't get faster with age, right?

This is looking way too far into the future but the Chiefs could have another decision to make in a couple of years depending on how healthy Alex has been. And speaking of that health, he had some problems with that in the early part of his career but he has been very healthy in KC, missing just one game due to injury.