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How big of a problem are the Chiefs receivers?

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We've often mentioned receiver as a need for the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason. Is it a BIG need? You can debate that and that's what we're here to do after reading a piece from ESPN's Bill Barnwell, who calls the Chiefs receiver situation a mess.

"How did the Chiefs come out of this offseason with Albert Wilson as their No. 2 wideout again?" Barnwell wrote. "Granted, this was a terrible free-agent market, and they did re-sign Travis Kelce, but Kansas City barely addressed the weakest spot on its roster."

Read the whole blurb here (it's not all bad).

The Chiefs No. 2 receiver could reasonably be the fourth option in the Chiefs offense. Jeremy Maclin is the No. 1 pass catcher. Travis Kelce is No. 2. And a healthy Jamaal Charles is likely the third option in the passing game. So that leaves the No. 2 receiver -- currently looking like Albert Wilson or Chris Conley -- as the fourth option.

I agree that receiver is a need. A big one? You could debate that.

Update: Interesting way to look at it from His Dirkness: