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That's my quarterback: Chiefs' Alex Smith voted 81st best player in the NFL

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Well, well, well. Alex Smith his officially a top 100 player in the NFL as voted on by NFL Network's countdown of the top 100 players. Alex comes in at No. 81 on the list.

First off, let me just say:

Indeed, that's my quarterback. ALEX! TOP 100! THAT'S MY QB!

NFL players do vote on this. I'm not sure how many but there's been plenty of criticism of the voting methods. Whatever. Many Chiefs fans have known for a while that Alex is better than his reputation around the NFL and this helps prove that.

His former teammate, WR Michael Crabtree, wondered on the NFL Network show where some of those passes were when they were in San Francisco together.

"I like Alex Smith, man. That's a good dude. For whatever reason it didn't work on the field with us but he's a good dude. Watching him this year, I was smiling man. He was throwing some passes, some deep passes on the money. I was like, 'Man, why couldn't he throw me the ball like that?'"

Raiders CB DJ Hayden said Alex pissed off their defensive coordinator.

"He got outside the pocket against us a couple times. Had our DC pissed off. I think as a defense that's the most irritating thing having the quarterback slip out when you've been playing so much good defense."

Chargers DL Corey Liuget remembers Alex slipping away.

"Playing at home it was third down. We had him wrapped up. Someway, somehow he got out of there. I mean it just stuck a dagger in our heart."

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I'm sure you have opinions on this. Let's hear them.