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Chiefs GM says Eric Berry talks will be "slow process" like Justin Houston last year

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Deadlines spur action. That's something we've seen with GM John Dorsey in his three years as the Kansas City Chiefs GM. Eric Berry is the Chiefs franchise tag player which means the two sides have until July 15 to strike a long-term deal or else Berry will have to play out the 2016 season under his one-year, $10.8M franchise tender.

Where do negotiations with Berry stand?

"This is gonna be a slow process with Eric," Dorsey said on Sirius XM NFL Radio. "It's gonna be a process kinda like Justin last year. We'll continue to have some conversations and dialogue."

I wasn't sure if the Chiefs were going to sign Houston last year. I knew they wanted to and pass rushers like that rarely hit the market but I just wasn't sure if it would get done.

Berry, however, I'm more sure of. I do believe the Chiefs will sign him. Not only because Berry is a great safety and an all-time Chief but also for cap reasons. The Chiefs have just over a million bucks in cap space right now which is not much. That includes Berry's $10.8M franchise tender. A long-term deal with Berry would drop that number. Joel Corry of CBS Sports projects a long-term deal with Berry could create around $7 million in cap space based on how the Chiefs have negotiated deals in the past.

As for specifics, Corry says it would be a surprise if Berry took less than Devin McCourty's five-year, $47.5M deal that made him the second highest paid safety.