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Chiefs give son of Derrick Thomas a tryout, he wears Priest Holmes' number

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The Kansas City Chiefs invited quite a tryout players at rookie minicamp which wrapped up on Monday. One of those tryout players has a famous father. The son of Chiefs great Derrick Thomas was one of the players who wore a jersey for the weekend and got a Chiefs tryout.

Pretty cool knowing this is DT's son. His name is Donnell Alexander.

He's a running back who played at Akron and before that Colorado State. Long shot? Very much so. The odds are against the Chiefs signing any of the tryout players from this weekend especially at a position as stacked as running back.

"I have memories (of my dad), but I was quite young," Alexander said via quotes from the Chiefs. "So a lot of the memories mostly comes from film. When I was in Colorado, I did a camp and I had a lot of people come up and speak to me. And just the way that they said they idolized my father, to me, that was amazing because they have no idea, really, who he is. But for them to be a die-hard fan, I like that, that's showing me a lot."

You can tell Alexander is a true Kansas City guy because of two things. First, he knew the significance of wearing No. 31 and that is Priest Holmes. "Quite frankly, even to wear his number is a humbling experience," Alexander said. "I didn't think anybody should be able to wear it. Being able to put it on, I'm glad I was able to do it."

Second, this tattoo of an Arrowhead as captured by Nick Jacobs: