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Chiefs check rookie corner Eric Murray out at safety

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted three cornerbacks in the 2016 NFL Draft but it's no sure thing that they'll all be corners in the NFL. It sounds like KeiVarae Russell is likely a corner in the NFL and perhaps the same with sixth round pick DJ White. Fourth round pick Eric Murray? The Chiefs are moving him around.

This is what rookie minicamp is for. Throwing these rookies into various roles and seeing how they react. Murray said this weekend that he had never played safety before so much of that was new to him. The Chiefs could just be taking a look at him as a safety or this could be part of the long-term plan. We don't know yet.

"The speed is normal, it's just the learning curve, which is the fastest part about it because you want to learn the system in three days and you have to come out here and do it and they throw a book at you," Murray said. "That's the toughest part about it."

Murray was called the toughest player on his team at Minnesota. Toughness is a trait I think of with safeties either checking receivers over the middle, following big tight ends or coming up in the box and stuffing the run.

Corner, safety or whatever you want to call it, the Chiefs are certainly looking for a defensive back that can play. It's a good bet that Marcus Peters, Eric Berry and Ron Parker are starters next season. Probably Phillip Gaines too. That leaves a couple of spots for these rookies.

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