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2016 NFL mock draft: Dallas Cowboys select DE Joey Bosa

With the fourth pick in the 2016 Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, Dallas Cowboys GM TexChief selects...

Let me begin with a quick aside, I live in Houston, not Dallas.The cities of Houston and Dallas have a similar big brother/little brother relationship to that of Kansas City and St. Louis. One city walks around sticking their nose up in the air thinking they (and their football team) are much better than the other city until the day that they lose their football team/have a horrible season; when the rest of the world can easily identify the hierarchy of each respective city. With that small caveat aside, the NFL understands how dominate of a force JJ Watt can be (until the KC Chiefs and Eric Fisher totally dominate his team in the playoffs) and most NFL teams would love to have a player who can replicate even a portion of JJ's dominance.

So without further to do, with the fourth pick in the 2015 draft the Dallas Cowboys select:

Ohio State DE Joey Bosa

Is Joey Bosa the next JJ Watt?

I am not ready to go that far but the comparison between the two is fun to consider. Both players are powerful defensive lineman that inflict damaging hits on opposing quarterbacks, both defensive linemen are relentless using a combination of quickness, power, and technique to defeat the offensive player lined up in front of them, and at the Combine both players finished with eerily similar metrics, despite Bosa weighing in 20 pounds lighter than Watt.

Bosa will likely not have the same impact at the next level as Watt and that is okay. Bosa relies heavily on quickness and technique and won't be able to bully an offensive lineman the way Watt does on a consistent basis. Watt will go down as one of the greatest defensive players in NFL history, enormous shoes for Bosa to fill before ever playing a down in the NFL but there is little doubt some team is going to be very, very happy in the player they get when drafting Bosa.

The fact remains that the Cowboys need defensive help, especially along the defensive line to fill the hole left by Greg Hardy's departure (addition by subtraction?). Joey Bosa is a great football player and he will very likely be the first defensive lineman drafted in a draft deep in the position. Bosa will be an asset to any team looking for an every-down 4-3 defensive end. His large frame is ideal for the NFL as Bosa uses his long arms and powerful hands to manipulate opposing lineman.

Based on a statistical analysis of all of edge rushers drafted from 1998-2013, SackSEER predicted success for current stars Von Miller, Khalil Mack and Justin Houston, while also identifying several high-profile busts at the edge rusher position, including Dion Jordan, Marcus Smith and Jarvis Jones. SackSEER's overall No. 1 rank for potential in the 2016 draft class is none other than Joey Bosa as SackSEER predicts 26.8 sacks through five seasons.

This draft isn't short on pass-rushers, but I still think if it's third and eight and you just need to go for a guy most likely to get to the quarterback, I'd go with Bosa. He's the most complete d-lineman in the draft if you place a high value on rush skills but don't want to sacrifice elsewhere.

1. Titans - OT Laremy Tunsil

2. Browns - OT Ronnie Stanley

3. Chargers - CB Jalen Ramsey

4. Cowboys - DE Joey Bosa

5. Jaguars -

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