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NFL Draft: Would Chiefs take pass rusher Noah Spence if he's there?

You can make an argument for the Kansas City Chiefs to draft about a dozen positions. That's because, outside of cornerback, there are no truly pressing needs that the Chiefs have right now. The ability to truly take the best player available is a good spot to be in.

That brings us to Noah Spence. The Eastern Kentucky pass rusher has a lot of talent but a lot of questions. He's a former All Big Ten player at Ohio State, which shows his talent on the field. However, that was before failed drug tests got him banned from the Big Ten. Instead of going to the draft in 2015, he transferred to Eastern Kentucky to prove he could turn it around and it appears that was a good decision.

"His issues are well-­documented, but his recovery and turnaround is what has NFL teams excited," his draft profile reads. "Spence has been accountable for his actions and worked just as hard off the field as he has on the field to change his life and attack his problems. His inability to hold the point of attack combined with his ability to rush the passer make him a logical choice as a 3-­4 rush linebacker. The speed of the game make take a year or two to get used to, but Spence should become a starter early in his career."

Marcus Peters didn't have the same issues that Spence did but their stories are kind of similar in that they recovered well. I imagine the Chiefs will do their home work on Spence. Outside linebacker is a premium position so I think that's always going to be in play. Some draft folks might have him going before the 28th pick. Maybe he will. But teams like the Jaguars, who are picking at the top of the second round, are working him out so some people think he could potentially drop.

While I don't know enough about Spence specifically I don't hate the idea of taking a pass rusher but the Chiefs are in a weird position because Tamba Hali is here for at least a couple more years and so is Dee Ford. So where would Spence get on the field? Justin Houston isn't gonna be hurt forever. Not being able to get him on the field and ending up with another Dee Ford situation - a first round pick with five starts in two years - wouldn't be ideal. But I can't completely turn down the idea of a pass rusher because of the position's importance .

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