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Will Kansas City Chiefs be watching QB Paxton Lynch's pro day?

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The Memphis pro day was a notable one for the Kansas City Chiefs a few years ago before they drafted NT Dontari Poe. Now the Chiefs are likely paying attention to Memphis again as QB Paxton Lynch works out at his pro day.

The Chiefs have been connected to Lynch as he visited Kansas City recently. I have no idea how much the Chiefs really like him. They did meet with him at the Combine too. Did they meet with him to prepare for possibly drafting him at 28? Or if he falls to the second round? A smokescreen?

Lynch's visit surprised some folks because Alex Smith is under contract and the Chiefs don't really need a quarterback that's drafted high. Or do they? Donovan McNabb was Alex Smith's age when the Andy Reid-led Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb in the second round. Alex is under contract for three more seasons through the 2018 season.

I'm not sure how much emphasis the Chiefs place on pro days, especially heavily scripted ones for quarterbacks. Their scouts attend a lot of pro days - it was reported that GM John Dorsey went to the Ole Miss pro day - so they obviously get something out of it.

NFL Network will stream his pro day at 12 p.m. (Arrowhead Time).