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NFL Draft 2016: Kansas City Chiefs bringing a safety in for a visit

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The Kansas City Chiefs signed two safeties last week but their work there may not be done. According to a report from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Chiefs are bringing a safety in for a visit ahead of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Of course I don't watch much Middle Tennessee State football so I'm not sure what type of player he is. His draft profile has a few things that would interest the Chiefs. He can play both strong and free safety, has experience lining up as a single-high safety and as a former receiver he has good hands.

Byard is a four­-year starter whose ball skills and high interception total has garnered him attention since his freshman season. While he has the looks of a player who could excel near the box, he lacks the consistent physicality needed and he does his best work as a deep safety. Scouts are all over the place on Byard and his draft stock will head in one direction or the other starting with his week at the Senior Bowl.

He did not go to the NFL Combine which is probably part of the reason the Chiefs are bringing him in for a visit. It looks like he could be a mid-round pick, although plenty can change between now and the end of April.