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NFL Draft order for rounds 4-7, time, TV schedule and more

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Day three of the NFL Draft is here. The Chiefs have three fourth round picks, including two in the first eight picks of the day. This is your open thread.

Rounds 4-7

When: Saturday, April 30, 11 a.m.

TV: ESPN | NFL Network

Time Per Pick: Five minutes for rounds 4-6, four minutes for the seventh round

Chiefs picks

2nd round: DT Chris Jones (37)


3rd round: CB KeiVarae Russell (74)

4th round: 105 (from 49ers)

4th round: 106 (from Bucs)

4th round: 126

5th round: 162 (from Seattle)

5th round: 165

6th round: 178 (from 49ers)

6th round: 203