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NFL Draft grades: Chiefs day two was good, day three shaping up to be better

Let's take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs 2016 NFL Draft grades for day two, which included rounds 2-3.

The positives were that the Chiefs filled two positions we thought were needs: defensive line and corner. Most of us had those positions being the first two picks off the board for the Chiefs and we were right. We just didn't guess the right players. Both players - DT Chris Jones and CB KeiVarae Russell - are on defense, a spot the Chiefs had to get younger.

If you want to find a negative, it's that the Chiefs traded down a couple of times and did not get the best deal, at least according to the NFL Draft trade value chart, which says the Chiefs left the equivalent of a fifth round pick on the table in their two trades. That's not a perfect chart because it doesn't account for context, such as the players available, but it is something that many teams use a variation of.

Jones and Russell could both play next season. Jones is likely in the rotation along the defensive line but not a starter while Russell very well could be a starter at corner.

SB Nation's Dan Kadar says the Chiefs get a B+ for day two. Yay!

The second round is all about value, and the Chiefs got it with defensive lineman Chris Jones at pick No. 37. He was misused a bit at Mississippi State, but is a really strong and athletic player up front. I had a higher grade on the Alabama defensive linemen, but Jones is a good fit.

The Chiefs got potentially a second starter on Day 2 with the pick of cornerback KeiVarae Russell. He lacks experience because of academics and injury, but he has talent and size. At worst he's a starting nickel corner.

Yahoo! Sports' Eric Edholm gave the Chiefs a B- for both the Jones and Russell picks.

Sports Illustrated graded the Chiefs pick of Jones as a B+.

Chiefs fans think it was fairly average.

The upside is that the Chiefs have three fourth round picks, two fifth rounders and two sixth rounders. Day three could be a lot more fun.

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