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Trade value chart says Chiefs trades have cost them a 5th round pick

Everyone loves trading back but is there such a thing as too many trade backs? I've heard that questioned by Chiefs fans so far this draft. The Chiefs have basically turned their first and second round picks into a second, third, two fourths and a sixth round pick.

Is that good? To the trade value chart! We're not sure if all teams use this anymore but many trades match up with it so let's use it.

I calculated the difference on the trade value chart from 28 and 59 - the Chiefs original picks - and 37, 74, 105, 106 and 178. (The trade value chart has the 249th pick - given up in the first trade - as a value of zero)

The trade value chart numbers say the Chiefs gave up 970 points while they acquired 936 points. That difference of 34 points is worth roughly a fifth round pick on the trade value chart.

So, by these numbers, the Chiefs trades cost them the equivalent of a fifth round pick.

Obviously, there's more to it than just the numbers. The type of draft matters and we've heard John Dorsey and others say this draft is strong in the middle so perhaps that's part of the motivation here.

You like the trades or is too much?

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