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Chiefs draft pick Chris Jones dabbed, bear hugged Roger Goodell, is awesome

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It sounds like new KC Chiefs draft pick Chris Jones has a great personality. KC beat writers said that Jones was very funny when talking to the media after being selected. You could see some of that personality come out when cameras showed him walking to the stage after the Chiefs made him the 37th overall pick.

Not only did Jones dab on his way to the stage but he gave Goodell a HARD hug.

I'm sure Jones doesn't know Goodell's background, that he's the devil who sneaks into your room and steals the Chiefs draft picks. However, he did give him a hard hug. I'm going to pretend there an extra oomph in that hug.

This should be fun to get to know Jones. He spoke to NFL Network after getting drafted and seemed very happy and bubbly. He spoke to the KC media on a conference call and the reviews on him were positive.