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Paxton Lynch's agent says Chiefs tried to trade up

Well, well, well. Although it wasn't clear I walked away from Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey's press conference Thursday night with the impression that QB Paxton Lynch was not one of the Chiefs draft targets despite visiting Kansas City earlier in the draft season.

I may have been wrong about that. Let's explain ...

As you know, the Broncos traded up from No. 31 to No. 26 to draft Lynch, the third quarterback off the board, two spots ahead of the Chiefs. Ever since then we've been wondering what the Chiefs would have done if Lynch was there at 28.

As it turns out, the Chiefs weren't waiting for Lynch at 28. They were trying to trade up! This according to agent Leigh Steinberg who told a Denver radio station that the Chiefs and Cowboys were among the teams looking to move up for Lynch.

Check out Steinberg's comment to 104.3 The Fan in Denver:

"What happens in these last couple days is you're trying to interact with teams. Judge who has a sincere interest, make sure there are no lingering doubts, there are no issues and get the best sense you can in teams that are interested.

"I knew that there was an outside chance (Lynch) would go to the 11th pick to Chicago or New Orleans and then after that No. 20 to the New York Jets.

"When we started to get back to about 19, Dallas was trying to trade up so they kept us posted about the fact they were trying to trade up.

"And then later Kansas City was trying to trade up and they were keeping us acquainted. Before that ever happened, we got the call from Denver that they had made the trade."

So then. The Broncos DID trade up in front of the Chiefs for Lynch. If Steinberg is telling the truth here (no offense, Leigh, but it's draft season).

If Lynch works out for the Broncos, this will suck. A lot. Chiefs fans have to be hoping this doesn't work out.

This doesn't tell me that the Chiefs are definitely going to draft a quarterback in this draft. I highlighted Dak Prescott earlier. Maybe they would like to add one but quarterback is a different animal. You have to pick one you really like and not just for need. The Chiefs can afford to wait for a quarterback they truly like. This is not a need situation right now. At least I don't think it is.

It was also reported by Alex Marvez of Fox Sports that the Chiefs were trying to trade up to the 23rd spot to draft Ole Miss WR Laqon Treadwell. The Vikings drafted him instead. So were the Chiefs also trying to move up for Treadwell, in addition to Lynch? Or was Lynch the target the whole time?

A very interesting day one...

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