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Sources say Andy Reid was indeed wearing Hawaiian shirt on draft day

One big downside to the Kansas City Chiefs trading out of the first round: We didn't get to see Andy Reid's Hawaiian shirt.


One source informed me that they were "pretty sure" they saw Reid wearing his annual draft day Hawaiian shirt. But since the Chiefs traded out of the pick, we didn't get a chance to see Reid with the shirt on.

A second source confirmed that Reid was absolutely wearing the Hawaiian shirt. Given this being the draft with crazy rumors, I couldn't run this story with just two sources even if they were solid.

However, I have received what I believe is PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of the Chiefs coach wearing his traditional Hawaiian shirt. Reader Ashley A third source was kind enough to send this picture in. That sure looks like a Hawaiian shirt on Big Red, no?

If you squint, that's Big Red. It's not the best picture but it's what we got right now. Hopefully more pictures will be coming in to confirm the type of Hawaiian shirt he had on but my previous work on this beat strongly suggests it was Tommy Bahama.

The Chiefs didn't pick in the first round so we only saw John Dorsey speak to the media after the draft. Thus, the question of Reid's shirt.

Find some of our previous coverage of Andy Reid's Hawaiian shirt here.

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