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NFL Draft grades 2016: Trade down gets thumbs up for many KC Chiefs fans

Many of us were hoping the Kansas City Chiefs would trade down in the 2016 NFL Draft ... and then they did! The Chiefs moved back nine spots in exchange for a fourth and sixth round pick from the San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs can still (hopefully) get a guy they like with the 37th pick.

So how did the Chiefs do? The NFL Draft trade value chart says the Chiefs-49ers trade was pretty even. Even though not all teams use this draft trade value chart the same way, it's still a good barometer of the evenness of a trade. Here's how it breaks down:

Chiefs pick: 660 points

49ers picks: 634 points

Meanwhile, Arrowhead Pride readers were generally in favor of the move. We talked about trading down in the lead up to the draft and many of us said we would be OK if the Chiefs moved down a few spots. This ended up being nine spots which is a little more than perhaps some thought but still in the ballpark.

Here's what Chiefs fans said when we polled them on the trade:

So only a few people really hated it. If you had a player in mind you wanted at 28, I could see that. I'm just not sure who that player was. LB Myles Jack? He was the biggest surprise of round one according to Dorsey. QB Paxton Lynch? He was gone as the Broncos traded up. CB Mackensie Alexander? It's possible he was valued higher by the fans and media than teams.

I thought the Chiefs got the better end of the trade with the 49ers, who moved up to select Stanford G Joshua Garnett. I mean, trading up for a guard? That's kinda steep. Apparently though 49ers didn't think it was all that bad. Our 49ers blog Niners Nation asked their readers to rate the pick and they got 4,000 votes.

Here's what 49ers fans said:

It's Game Time.

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