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2016 NFL mock draft: Broncos wrap up round one with QB

With the 31st and final pick in the 2016 Arrowhead Pride mock draft, Broncos GM Mitko selects...

Since I was picking for the Denver Broncos, I wanted to get into the head of General Manager John Elway. I knew about the reoccurring nightmares of being chased down by big, red 58s, but what else lay inside that "brain" of his. A hunger for hay maybe? Fortunately, I ran into him at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia and was able to ask a few questions about draft process.

He told me that when drafting, he considers two things: what his current team lacks and what his Super Bowl winning team’s greatest strength was when he was the quarterback. Keeping that in mind, with my draft pick I’ve decided to draft……

A Costco Jumbo Pack of Vaseline!

Yep that’s it. It was a close call between that, a fax machine, or unmarked-over-the cap cash, but in the end Vaseline just seemed right for numerous reasons.


So apparently I have to make an actual pick or else Joel is threatening to take my 2017 mock draft pick away. Don’t worry I already threw my phone in a blender to spite him, but I guess I’ll make a real pick anyway.

Not because Mr. "Thordell" says so though, but because you the people of Arrowhead Pride have paid for it. Not with money mind you, but will with blood, sweat, and tears.

You’ve argued with Saints, spent hours reading another one of MNchiefsfan’s 30,000 word article, and clicked the flag button I don’t know how many times on ta2tony21’s comments, so here’s your final pick of the 2016 Mock Draft:

The Denver Broncos select:

Michigan State QB Connor Cook

Cook has the measurable of typical NFL quarterback. He has great size, arm strength, and all of the measurable you could dream of. But what NFL teams are curious about, is what’s raddling around in that noggin of his. Sources tell me than many NFL teams are wary of Cook, because he’s run a pro-style offense for three years, but still struggles with the concepts. (By sources, I mean an article I read, and can’t remember the name of. See I can write for ESPN too guys!)

Yet Denver needs a quarterback as they don’t seem to currently have one, (No, Mark Sanchez doesn’t count as a QB) and It looks very unlikely, that a Kaepernick or even Bradford trade will happen before the draft.

That means they have to take the best QB available in this year’s draft. Which leaves a guy whose teammates didn’t even vote him Captain. Good luck with that Denver.

Bonus: Here’s a list of people that the Michigan State players would have voted Captain over Connor Cook aka Butt-fumble Jr:

Captain Crunch

Captain Hook

Captain Jack Sparrow (Literally the worst Captain I’ve heard of, but I have heard of him)

Captain Morgan

Captain James T. Kirk

Captain America

Captain Kangaroo

Captain Planet

And even this guy….

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