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Chiefs draft rumors: What's this talk of trading up?

Dan Pompei is a respected NFL reporter. He's been covering the league since I was born from the Chicago Sun-Times to the Chicago Tribune to now Bleacher Report.

I say that because Pompei recently had a surprising note. In his mock draft he sent Oklahoma State pass rusher Emmanual Ogbah to the Chiefs at No. 28. That's not the surprising part.

This bit about the Chiefs trying to trade up is:

"The Chiefs are trying to trade up, presumably to leapfrog the teams that want wide receivers," Pompei writes in his mock draft. "Ogbah has been rising and represents decent value here."

Wait, what? I didn't hear anything about the Chiefs trading up. John Dorsey recently talked about moving around in the draft but we just assumed he was talking about moving back because he talked about wanting a lot of picks.

Speaking of picks, how exactly are the Chiefs going to trade up? They don't have a third round pick, which means they don't have a lot of ammo. Plus, the lack of a third round pick would seemingly mean the Chiefs are less likely to move up. Gotta save those picks, right? It would cost a fourth round pick to move up 3-5 spots, depending on how teams use that draft trade value chart.

The final thing here is that part about "presumably" it being about a wide receiver. There is going to be a run on receivers at some point. TCU's Josh Doctson, Notre Dame's Will Fuller, Ole Miss's Laquon Treadwell and Baylor's Corey Coleman all seem to be rated around the same area (although you know one or two of them will go way higher than we think).

I would need to see the scenario where they would move up and for who but I'm generally not in favor of moving up in this draft. Not with folks saying the 20th pick and 50th pick aren't all that different. That screams trade down, not up.

The frustrating part of this mock for me is that the two picks after the Chiefs are two favorites around here: West Virginia S Karl Joseph and Houston CB William Jackson III. I would take either of them. Also of interest is that DL Vernon Butler, often mocked to KC, is sent to Green Bay in this mock, one spot ahead of KC.

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