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Patriots would be a good trade partner for Chiefs in 2016 NFL Draft

Two teams that forfeited draft picks can do some business together in this year's draft. I'm talking about the Chiefs and Patriots. I don't have any inside info here but looking at the draft I believe there is a deal to be had between these two teams.

The Chiefs are without their third round pick because of the unprecedented punishment Roger Goodell decided to levy on the Chiefs for no good reason. It makes sense the Chiefs would want MORE picks. GM John Dorsey indicated as such recently.

"If you can acquire additional picks, I think that helps, I think it increases your odds," he said. "I’m always for trying to trade back and getting a few picks. I’ll try to work it either way, and I think we do a good job of that. I think we have prepared and laid out a plan again like we always do. We’ve made advanced phone calls right now. We’ll continue to make those calls to other teams. We’re always open, either way. Come talk to us."

I wonder if the Chiefs have talked to Andy Reid's old pal Bill Belichick. He and Andy Reid have a history of doing trades together. Trades in the NFL can happen between any teams but it's easier to pull the trigger with someone you know, someone who you trust won't be screwing you.

The Patriots are without their first round pick due to DeflateGate. However, they have 11 picks in the draft. That's a lot. They have the firepower, including two second round picks and two third round picks, to package picks and move up in the draft.

And here's the thing: it's been reported by Mike Freeman that many teams around the league expect Bill Belichick to trade up in this draft, as high as the first round.

Move all the way up to ... 28?

If we look at the NFL draft trade value chart, which isn't perfect but still used in some form, the Chiefs 28th pick is worth 660 points. The Patriots 60th (300) and 61st picks (292) combine for 592 points. Close. Maybe there's some other swapping going on to make it worth it to both sides. I love the idea of the Chiefs trading down in a draft like this where personnel folks say the 20th best player isn't all that different from the 50th best player.

There's something about the NFL taking away Belichick's first round pick that makes me convinced he will hop right back into the first round anyway. Can Reid and Belichick do business together again?

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