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Chiefs focused on 2016 NFL Draft, not Eric Fisher's option (yet)

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The Kansas City Chiefs have a couple of big decisions coming up with the 2016 NFL Draft next week and the decision's on Eric Fisher's fifth-year option due on the Monday after the draft.

Speaking to the KC media, Chiefs GM John Dorsey wasn't tipping his hand on the Fisher decision until after the draft.

"I know a lot of guys have been exercising these options on players now," Dorsey said on Friday. "Everybody does things differently. I think what I do is at times I'm probably compartmentalized a little too much so really the task at hand for me is to make sure we nail that draft. When we get to Monday, we'll deal with Monday."

Dorsey's right. There's no reason to make a decision this second. That said, do they know what they're going to do? Probably so. At least I hope they do because there is a post-draft frenzy too. There's not a lot of time left to figure out what they're going to do.

I would predict they do pick it up because there's little reason not to. The fifth year option in 2017 is guaranteed for injury only so unless Fisher is injured and can't play in the 2017 season the Chiefs can get out of this.

The better option for the Chiefs would be a long-term contract with Fisher that is less than the fifth year option in 2017. Save some money and get your left tackle under contract.