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Will Chris Conley or Albert Wilson have more receiving yards for Chiefs in 2016?

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Our old pal His Dirkness asked a great question on Twitter earlier: Who has more receiving yards for the Chiefs in 2016, Albert Wilson or Chris Conley?

My first reaction is that Chris Conley will take a step forward and he's the answer here. He was the higher draft pick and his combo of size and speed is intriguing, especially as he becomes more comfortable with Andy Reid's offense.

But let's think on that a little more. Wilson had 35 catches last year to Conley's 17 and 451 yards to Conley's 199 yards. That's not a huge difference but it is a difference.

Wilson has also been in the system for a year longer. We know it takes a while to become truly comfortable in Reid's system. Wilson has more to gain this year because it's a contract year for him. When you're playing for a lot of money, you're going to put absolutely everything into it. The contract year bump is a real thing.

I will say Wilson here. I can tell some of you will disagree. What's your pick?