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NFL draft rumors: Very little chance Paxton Lynch falls to the Chiefs

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A few weeks ago word came out that the Kansas City Chiefs had Memphis QB Paxton Lynch in for a visit. I knew of Lynch but not much else about him other than that he was a quarterback and those are always fun to blog about.

I figured the Chiefs might be interested in Lynch if he fell to them in the first or second round. The Chiefs don't really need a quarterback but they're always on the look out for good value at the quarterback position.

Two trades at the top of the draft later and it seems all but assured that Lynch will be long gone before the Chiefs take the podium with the 28th pick.

The Rams moved up to the first pick to take a quarterback and the Eagles moved up to the second pick to take a quarterback. That leaves the third ranked quarterback, which is generally considered to be Paxton Lynch (or perhaps Connor Cook out of Michigan State).

I would guess right now that there's a much better shot that Lynch goes in the top 10 than there is that he falls to the 28th pick. For the sanity of what would be some insane Alex Smith debates on our website, I'm kinda glad Lynch won't be there for KC.