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Kansas City Chiefs players know this is still Andy Reid's offense

The Kansas City Chiefs lost offensive coordinator Doug Pederson to the Eagles this offseason and responded by elevating Brad Childress and Matt Nagy to co-offensive coordinators.

Not that any of us know what role they're going to have because we've assumed that the offense is Andy Reid's territory. Pederson did stuff, yeah. But did anyone believe this offense wasn't Andy Reid's? It's definitely a Big Red offense.

Chiefs players spoke to the media this week and seemed to agree that the offense won't change much because Big Red is running the show.

"Yeah, two brains now, not one," Alex Smith said of the Chiefs new coordinators. "I think it’s going to be great. Obviously, Andy is heavily involved in the offensive side and is still spearheading it."

The main parts of the Chiefs offense are still here. Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles, Travis Kelce, Jeremy Maclin ... they didn't lose much beyond some offensive line shuffling. That's another reason that we shouldn't expect a whole lot to change.

"Oh no, I still think Andy will still have his touch and the new offensive coordinators," Jamaal Charles said. "We still have our people here, I don’t think anything’s changed. Our philosophy hasn’t changed, it’s not like we have somebody new coming in. I think as long as we stay with the same system, we feel comfortable with where we’re heading."

The Chiefs shouldn't be changing anything either. They finally have the same offense for three years in a row. I don't think that's happened since Dick Vermeil.

"Yeah, I mean (Pederson) was our o-coordinator last year, so I do feel like things are going to change," Travis Kelce said. "But at the same time, it’s Andy Reid’s offense and I think Brad Childress and Coach Nagy are both going to come in and be those coaches that they were for us last year and kind of step up to the occasion now that they’re in a different position."

Childress and Nagy will definitely have a key role. Andy Reid can't be everywhere at once. But we all know that at the end of the day this is Big Red's show.

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