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No word on draft's top cornerbacks visiting the Chiefs

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The 2016 NFL Draft is a week and a half away and we don't have a good read on who the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick will be. Most mock drafts out there have the Chiefs taking a cornerback because that's their biggest need and there happens to be a few good cornerbacks in this draft. Along with Marcus Peters being the man last year, yeah, I can buy cornerback in the first round.

You would think that if the Chiefs needed a cornerback so badly then all the top corners would be visiting Kansas City, right?

We track which players visit the Chiefs and which ones they work out and we don't have any of the top cornerbacks listed. That doesn't mean the Chiefs haven't brought Apple or Jackson in for a visit! It just means we haven't seen that reported or know that to be true ourselves. Still I thought there would be more buzz around a cornerback rather than folks just matching up the Chiefs top need with the best available player in their mock draft.

Check out our updated list of workouts and visits here. It's not a very inspiring list as many of the players are late round picks or even undrafted free agents the Chiefs will hope to convince to come to Kansas City if they aren't drafted.