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Eric Fisher sees himself on a 'steady incline', says adding Mitch Schwartz is awesome

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Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Eric Fisher opened up his first offseason press conference with a smile. "What's going on? I missed you guys," he said to the media. Everyone laughed because who wants to talk to the media?

Fisher said he saw the Chiefs playoff win over the Texans as a sort of turning point in his career.

"I see myself on a steady incline," Fisher said.

Fisher said he only took a week off after the loss to the Patriots. His goal this offseason was to get better and add more strength, which has been a goal in recent years too.

Fisher saw some o-line help this offseason with the addition of free agent RT Mitch Schwartz, who he said he just met on day one. Fisher has now been teammates with both Schwartz brothers, Geoff and Mitch.

"They're actually kinda opposite people," Fisher said. "Geoff is a talker. Geoff loves talking and Mitch is a little quieter I think."

Even better, Mitch is under a five-year contract so he'll be here more than just one season.