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Jeremy Maclin calls Chiefs tampering charges a 'weird situation'

The Kansas City Chiefs were hit with tampering charges over a month ago based on their 2015 pursuit of WR Jeremy Maclin. For what I believe is the first time Maclin has been questioned about the tampering charges.

The story goes that the Chiefs contacted Maclin personally before the free agency period started which is against the rules and as a result were hit with fines and the loss of draft picks, including this year's third rounder.

"It's been a weird situation but I'm happy where I'm at," Maclin said from the Chiefs training camp on Monday. "I wouldn't change it for the world. Everything else will take care of itself."

I'm sure the Chiefs would change something so that they could get that third round pick back but his point remains. Maclin had a good season in KC and it seems he's going to work out. I'm sure this conversation would be different if he wasn't coming off a good year.

Maclin said he was "shocked" to hear of the tampering allegations but that "we have to take responsibility for what we do". Like the Chiefs, Maclin doesn't seem to be denying that something wrong happened. He talked about following the rules and taking responsibility.

One funny / true part came when someone asked Maclin if he was worth a third round pick. "I hope so," he said.

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