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Are these the Chiefs color rush uniforms? Let's hope not

It's been said that every NFL team playing on Thursday night is going to be wearing one of those color rush uniforms that we began to see last year. There was a tweet from the conspicuously named Twitter account @NFL_Leaks that suggests they have the colors for all the team's color rush uniforms. This would make the Chiefs color yellow if it's true.

This tweet has been making the rounds which has led many of you to email and tweet it to us which has now led us to posting about it. We don't know yet if there's any validity to this. It sure looks real but who knows. The NFL probably loves all of us talking about the uniforms like this.

A few things about this:

First, the yellow does make sense as the Chiefs secondary color. If they weren't going all red or all white (which they've already done) then going all yellow or gold was the next color.

Second, all yellow uniforms would be ... oh God. Please. No. Good-looking is not the phrase I had in mind.

Third, the Chiefs play the Raiders on Thursday night. Look at the Raiders color. Are we really going to have an all gold vs. all yellow game? Hmm, that's what really makes me question this whole thing. Could just one team wear the color rush?

For the Raiders-Chiefs game they should go with the all black vs. the all red. I bet that would be cooler than whatever it is we see from the NFL.

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