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Chiefs' Andy Reid gets a new knee, won't speak to media at first day of offseason program

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We've been following the journey of Andy Reid's new knee and today there is an update. The Kansas City Chiefs confirmed that Reid went through knee replacement surgery last week.

This whole process was actually removing last year's new knee and replacing it. Reid had surgery on the knee in February which caused him to miss this year's Combine. This second one was actually putting the new knee in (which was a replacement of last year's replacement ... got it?).

The Chiefs are back at it this week with their offseason program so I wonder how Reid will handle this. The Chiefs have some experience with coaches being hobbled. A few years ago Charlie Weis needed to use a motorized cart on the field at camp after a surgery. No word yet if Big Red will  be sporting a scooter.

Reid usually talks to the media after these things but the Chiefs said he won't today as he continues to recover.