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Chiefs 2016 schedule: Ranking the road trips from Denver to Houston

Find the Kansas City Chiefs 2016 schedule here and find my Chiefs 2016 schedule prediction here.

Now let's look to the part of the schedule that all sports writers immediately check out: the road schedule. I don't travel to all road games but I might hit up a couple this year. It's not a great road schedule but the Chiefs always have Denver and San Diego which are good trips.

Here's how I would rank the road trips for a Chiefs fan (except for without the driving part, flying instead):

1. Denver (Week 12)

Thanksgiving weekend, which means you have time to drive up there after loading up on turkey. Also likely playoff implications since this is the first time they play this season.

2. Carolina (Week 10)

The Chiefs don't travel here very often and it's a cool area. Plus, Cam and the NFC champs.

3. San Diego (Week 17)

San Diego for New Year's? Sounds sunny. I may convinced Mrs. Arrowhead Pride to do this one.

4. Pittsburgh (Week 4)

If San Diego's weather weren't so nice I would put Pittsburgh above them. Also, the Chiefs are less likely to win here than San Diego. This is a Sunday night game. Primetime.

5. Atlanta (Week 13)

I would already dread the idea of flying into Atlanta. On the plus side, we could see our pal Scott Pioli.

6. Indianapolis (Week 8)

I went to Indy for a Super Bowl once but didn't get around much.

7. Oakland (Week 6)

Get that expense report out because I would stay in San Francisco where I hear even the Motel 6s will charge me 500 bucks a night.

8. Houston (Week 2)

This isn't really even a road trip because Kansas City purchased the city of Houston last year. We own you, Houston.

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