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NFL Draft rumors: Jaylon Smith expected to miss 2016 season, "many teams" believe he'll be back

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Notre Dame LB Jaylon Smith went through the medical rechecks in Indianapolis and NFL Network is reporting that Smith is expected to sit out the 2016 season, which is what most of us expected anyway.

Smith was one of the best players in the draft before he shredded his knee in Notre Dame's Bowl game. There are questions of nerve damage which led to a lot of negative speculation about his future.

However, Rapoport's report says that "many" teams believe he'll return to form. So the question is, can the Chiefs afford to draft him and wait on him? I believe they can because the Chiefs are going to be a good team this year with or without their first or second round pick. However, it's more difficult to wait on a pick without the third round pick this year (thanks, Goodell).

There's also the question of where Smith will land. Are we talking about using the Chiefs first round pick here? Or second? Later? It's all up in the air. I suspect if teams believe he'll return to form that he could go relatively early.

Smith can play inside or outside linebacker. He's been compared to Derrick Johnson. The ceiling on him seems very, very high which is why the decision is so intriguing.