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NFL schedule: 7 story lines for the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs 2016 schedule has been released. Let's look at some of the top story lines.

Three NBC primetime games

Sunday night in Pittsburgh in Week 4.

Thursday night against the Raiders at Arrowhead in Week 14.

Christmas night against the Broncos at Arrowhead in Week 16.

But ...

The Chiefs are one of six teams without a Monday night game.

Charger bookends

The Chiefs open the season by hosting the Chargers and end it by visiting the Chargers. The Chiefs are more than a touchdown favorite in Week 1 and I could see them being slightly favored in Week 17 too. This is a good way to start and end the season fo rthe Chiefs.

Christmas night at Arrowhead

Broncos-Chiefs on Christmas night is the highlight of this schedule. This is the game most are looking forward to. We do our family Christmas stuff in the morning so this fits into my schedule but I imagine a few of you will be having Christmas dinner with the TV on. This game is making me think of the great Thanksgiving night game back in 2006. Let's hope for a similar result.

One October home game to prepare for the Royals

The NFL scheduled just one home game in October because the Royals will be playing in the World Series and they share a parking lot. Huh, pretty bold of the NFL to predict a Royals World Series this early but I'll take it!

Three straight December home games

The Chiefs like earlier home games before the weather gets bad. Instead the Chiefs get three straight home games in December before ending the season in San Diego. They'll play the Raiders, Titans and Broncos at Arrowhead with two of those in primetime - Thursday night vs. Oakland and Christmas night vs. Denver.

Early bye week

It's Week 5. Ideally I'd have that bye later in the year. Maybe sometime after Week 8.

Quarterbacks galore

The Chiefs play four straight games starting in Week 4 against Ben Roethlisberger, Derek Carr, Drew Brees and Andrew Luck. Uhh, that secondary is going to be tested early. Better have that slot corner figured out by then.

What other story lines do you see?

Chiefs 2016 schedule

Week 1, 9/11, 12pm: Chargers (cbs)

Week 2 9/18, 12pm: at Texans (cbs)

Week 3 9/25 325pm: Jets (cbs)

Week 4, 10/2, 730pm: at Steelers (nbc - Sun night)

Week 5: Bye

Week 6 10/16, 3:05pm: at Raiders (cbs)

Week 7, 10/23, 12pm: Saints (fox)

Week 8, 10/30, 12pm: at Colts (cbs)

Week 9, 11/6, 12pm: Jaguars (cbs)

Week 10, 11/13, 12pm: at Panthers (cbs)

Week 11, 11/20, 12pm: Bucs (fox)

Week 12, 11/27, 325: at Broncos (cbs)

Week 13, 12/4, 12pm: at Falcons (cbs)

Week 14, 12/8, 725pm: Raiders (nbc - Thurs night)

Week 15, 12/18, 12pm: Titans (cbs)

Week 16, 12/25, 730pm: Broncos (nbc - Xmas night)

Week 17, 1/1, 325pm: at Chargers (cbs)

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