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Chiefs 2016 schedule prediction: Playoffs, here we come

The Kansas City Chiefs 2016 NFL schedule was released on Thursday night which means it's time to make our 2016 season predictions.

I reserve the right to change my mind a dozen times but I have the Chiefs going 10-6 this year. I could be convinced for 11 or even 12 wins as I'm sure many of you are predicting ... tis the time for optimism, and many of us are optimistic.

Week 1: Chargers - WIN

The Chiefs are already heavy favorites in this game. Season opener. Arrowhead. Win.

Week 2: at Texans - WIN

The Chiefs beat the Texans handily twice last year. They should do so again. This isn't the Texans home opener - they're at home in Week 1. In a twist, JJ Watt refuses to play in the game because he doesn't want to face Eric Fisher.

Week 3: Jets - WIN

What's going on with Ryan Fitzpatrick? I feel a lot better about a Chiefs win if he's not playing. Even still, the Chiefs win this one at home.

Week 4 at Steelers (SNF) - LOSS

The Steelers are really good. Justin Houston may not be back by this point. I'll take the loss. The Steelers could easily be the best team in the AFC this year if that defense shows up at all.

Week 5: Bye

Week 6: at Raiders - LOSS

We have to get used to this brave new world where the Raiders are not a joke.

Week 7: Saints - WIN

Glad this is in KC. The Saints may not be great but I don't want to play in that dome.

Week 8: at Colts - LOSS

No way Colts were as bad as they were last year, right?

Week 9: Jaguars - WIN


Week 10: at Panthers - LOSS

The Panthers probably won't be as good as last year so this game might be closer than we think. Ultimately, some respect to the NFC champs.

Week 11: Bucs - WIN

Should be fun to see Jameis Winston.

Week 12: at Broncos - LOSS

Home team wins this series.

Week 13: at Falcons - LOSS

Alex Smith can't snap it because of the Falcons piped in, wanna be Arrowhead crowd noise and the Chiefs lose.

Week 14: Raiders (TNF) - WIN

Kinda like the Broncos series. The home team wins.

Week 15: Titans - WIN

I'll be worried about this game in a few years but not now.

Week 16: Broncos (Xmas) - WIN

Arrowhead will be sooo fired up.

Week 17: at Chargers - WIN

The annual Week 17 win over the Chargers.

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