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Be happy the Chiefs were nowhere near that Rams-Titans trade

Thank the good Lord that the LA Rams decision makers are not in Kansas City. I am so happy the Chiefs were nowhere near the trade that has the Rams moving up to the No. 1 overall pick. (Well, I would love to be the Titans ... not the Rams)

The Rams gave up a comical amount in trading with the Titans up to the top pick. Way too much. For who? Carson Wentz? Jared Goff?

Titans receive from Rams: 1st round pick (15 overall), 2nd round pick (43), 2nd round pick (45), 3rd round pick (76), 1st round pick in 2017, 3rd round pick in 2017

Rams receive from Titans: 1st round pick (1 overall), 4th round pick (113), 6th round pick (177)

Some NFL evaluators recently told Peter King recently that this is a middle class draft.

"Twenty-five to 55 is the same player, to me." ... "Eleven to 40 is the same guy." ... "To us, 18 to 48 you can get the same player." ... "Load me up with twos and threes in this draft. That’s where I’d want a lot of picks."

And so the Rams traded their top four picks this year and next year's first to make it happen. Reportedly, the Rams don't know who they're going to draft. That can't possibly be true, can it? You give up all that and don't know the pick?!?!

The Titans now own the draft for the next two years while the Rams will get ... something.

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