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Dear NFL media: Stop saying the Chiefs should trade Jamaal Charles

Hello NFL Media

I see it's spring time in the NFL with not a whole lot going on besides some fun draft rumors. This is when we as writers and bloggers break out the "28 trades I would like to see" articles, and there's been a lot of those lately.

CBS Sports and ESPN recently ran articles on trades they would like to see and both of them included Jamaal Charles. CBS Sports, you said the Chiefs should trade Jamaal to the Dolphins for a conditional 2017 fourth round pick. ESPN, you said Jamaal should be traded to the Eagles or Dolphins for a 2016 third round pick.

You're both wrong. The Chiefs should not trade Jamaal Charles and, unless Chiefs GM John Dorsey is lying about an all-time Chief and fan favorite for some unknown reason, the Chiefs won't be trading Jamaal.

I know, the Chiefs lost their third round pick in the tampering charges and want to recoup it but the Chiefs have a window here. They're close and the front office knows it. They kept older but still productive players Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson. They're maxing out their cap space in order to add talent now. It's obvious the front office and coaching staff believes there is a window.

Jamaal Charles is part of that window. Trading Jamaal does not make sense right now. I need a much, much bigger return than a mid round pick which I can turn into a guard or a fourth safety. Jamaal's impact goes way beyond that.

Truthfully, with the Chiefs window, another team can't match the value that Jamaal brings. So maybe let's go ahead and remove Jamaal's name from those lists.

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