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Paul Rudd talks Chiefs, backup QBs and Sean Smith with Rich Eisen

Actor and Kansas Citian Paul Rudd joined the Rich Eisen Show this week and talked about the Royals, Sporting KC and of course the Kansas City Chiefs. I transcribed the Chiefs portion of the interview. Check it out:

Eisen: Where do you stand on Andy Reid?

Rudd: The clock management in that last game was terrible. It was a real drag and frustrating. I know that this is not ineo of his strong suits although I don't know what ... did Doug Pederson, he came out and said he was in control of that drive. My take on Andy Reid is pretty good. I think he's been a great coach for the Chiefs. I think the players really like him. I just would love to see some of that clock management cleaned up a little bit.

Eisen: They are still trying to call a play right now.

Rudd: And the season's over!

Eisen: We're getting our taxes ready here and they're going to be on the clock in about two weeks time. Alex Smith, I've seen him at your charity events. He couldn't be a nicer guy. If you had a shot at RGIII would you have wanted that?

Rudd: I really liked Chase Daniel and I'm happy that he's going to possibly get a shot in Philadelphia. I'm happy for him. I don't know, we have Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray as the backups now. I don't really know, I have followed them but I haven't really seen them play. Alex Smith I think is a winner. He's a smart quarterback. I'm a fan of his. I'm glad he's our QB. Would I have wanted RGIII? I wouldn't want to give up a lot to get him.

Eisen: You could've just signed him.

Rudd: But you gotta pay him too and we had guys that we need to bring back.

Eisen: They brought a bunch of guys back.

Rudd: They brought a bunch of guys back. I'm very happy with the guys they brought back. It would've been nice to hang onto Sean Smith.

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