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Chiefs a Super Bowl 51 favorite? Ask Maurice Jones-Drew

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Here's to hoping Maurice Jones-Drew is a very, very accurate analyst. The former Jaguars running back now works for NFL Network and when asked for his Super Bowl 51 favorite, MJD named your KC Chiefs.

He talked about Alex Smith, Jeremy Maclin and the return of Jamaal Charles being a plus.

"The biggest loss they had was Sean Smith going to the Raiders," MJD said. "I get it but you can draft a guy. Because the way this draft is setting up is defensively."

Even MJD knows all the mock drafts are picking cornerback for the Chiefs.

"You have Marcus Peters there. Houston is down but he's getting back, I think he'll be ready in the middle of the season. You have Dee Ford. You have a ton of talent on that defense. I think they just keep clicking, keep getting better and they're a team that can make it all the way."

Watch video of his comments here.