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Why the Kansas City Chiefs shouldn't expect much from rookie offensive linemen

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Offensive line play is getting worse in the NFL. Some NFL folks have called it an epidemic. With high schools and colleges playing the game so differently these days, offensive linemen aren't hitting the NFL level as ready as they once were.

The Chiefs should remember this because they could be faced with the decision to draft an offensive lineman in the 2016 NFL Draft. And the Chiefs should NOT expect that lineman to be ready to play at a high level. That's because most linemen lately are not ready to play at a high level. Look at how few rookie offensive linemen graded out well according to Pro Football Focus:

That's not to say the Chiefs shouldn't draft offensive linemen. They're going to need to eventually. Mitch Morse, for example, was just under a positive grade last year. That was a really good pick.

What this means is that the Chiefs need to really be looking down the road with offensive linemen. You're not going to get a Mitch Morse every year. It's not reasonable at this point to expect a mid round pick to come in and play really well. It would be great if he did! But expecting that ... it seems those days are gone given the overall talent on the offensive line coming into the league these days.