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2016 NFL mock draft: Eagles get their quarterback of the future

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With the eighth pick in the 2016 Arrowhead Pride mock draft, Eagles GM chiefsncards19 selects...

Cal QB Jared Goff

Doug Pederson, a former QB at the NFL level and a guy who worked under Andy Reid, knows how important the position is to the success of his new team that he'll be running. This is obvious with all of the pre-draft visits that the Eagles are having with quarterbacks. With Tunsil and Stanley off the board, the Eagles push the tackle position to the side for another round or two. The secondary could also use some help, but it'll have to wait, because here is where Doug Pederson gets his man as QBOTF.

With Sam Bradford under contract for the next couple of years, along with Chase Daniel for the next few, Pederson likely feels he has a guy who can allow them to compete for a season or two while the young QB is groomed into his offensive system.

1. Titans - OT Laremy Tunsil

2. Browns - OT Ronnie Stanley

3. Chargers - CB Jalen Ramsey

4. Cowboys - DE Joey Bosa

5. Jaguars - LB Myles Jack

6. Ravens - DL DeForest Buckner

7. 49ers - QB Carson Wentz

8. Eagles - QB Jared Goff

9. Bucs -