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Chiefs continue to whittle away at free agents with Frank Zombo signing

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The Kansas City Chiefs list of their own free agents continues to shrink with the signing of Frank Zombo. It's a three-year deal for not much money, which is good for the Chiefs who need a solid special teams contributor and backup pass rusher like Zombo.

Zombo is a player most fans may not recognize but plays a role that the Chiefs appreciate. It was Zombo rushing the passer late in the season when Tamba Hali and Justin Houston were hurting and it was Zombo leading the Chiefs special teams last season as well. Given how last season ended, the Chiefs aren't in a position to give up outside linebackers so they needed to bring him back.

I said after Derrick Johnson signed that it's a good day to be a veteran Chiefs linebacker. The trend continues with the re-addition of the 29-year old Zombo.