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Mitch Schwartz can be Chiefs response to Von Miller

The Kansas City Chiefs just saw Von Miller win the Super Bowl MVP and they're soon going to see him signing a contract bigger than Justin Houston's $100 million deal. This is a guy they face twice a year who will be coming to wreck one of the Chiefs biggest investments (that would be Alex Smith).

So how do the Chiefs respond to Von Miller? They sign the dude who played the best against him last year. Mitch Schwartz, the former Browns OT, has reportedly agreed to a five-year deal in Kansas City. (I guess we take out reportedly if he already tweeted about it).

I saw Mitch's brother Geoff tweeting about Mitch's game against Von Miller throughout this season. The Browns and Broncos played in October last season and the result ... very good for Schwartz.

This is especially true for a team that will be facing Miller twice a year.

The Chiefs-Broncos rivalry will continue. I can't wait for Miller vs. Schwartz.

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