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Free agency rumor: Chiefs not out of Sean Smith chase?

Don't get your hopes up but...

UPDATEPeter King saying it's the Chiefs, Raiders and 49ers.

We have been resigned to CB Sean Smith leaving via free agency but there seems to be a sliver of hope out there as NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports that the Chiefs are not out of the Sean Smith talks yet. It's small but it's something!

My reaction:

A Yahoo Sports report stated recently that the Chiefs made a conservative offer. Terez Paylor had a great story recently that showed how important Smith is to the Chiefs defense. Smith is perfect for the Chiefs defense and what they want to do. Better yet, they know he's perfect because he's been in KC for the past three years.

The problem? Oakland has a ton of money. Janoris Jenkins just got more than $12 million per year, so that's the type of money we're probably talking about here. Even with the cap increases each year, that is a crap load of money. But, again, this is a safer bet than others because the Chiefs know Smith better than anyone.

The Chiefs don't have much cap space after the Eric Berry franchise tag and Tamba Hali deal. Smith, 29, is arguably the Chiefs most important free agent so I won't complain if they do sign him to a deal that size but I hope that GM John Dorsey understands the Chiefs future finances well enough to do something like this (yeah, he probably does). If the cap continues to increase at the $10 million per year clip it has over the past three years then this deal would be more reasonable down the road.

Keeping Smith would be so, so huge. It would be up there with the Jeremy Maclin signing last year in terms of big moves made by the Chiefs in March. That said, I'm not betting on it. The Raiders and other team have a LOT more money. Smith signed a below market deal in 2013 because the cornerback market dropped out and I can't blame him for making the money a priority this time around. If the Chiefs are close, then Kansas City is obviously a great place for Smith because he knows he can succeed here.

If the Chiefs can't get Smith, they'll need to add another veteran corner to pair with Marcus Peters and Phillip Gaines.

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