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Tamba Hali gets $22 million over 3 years from Kansas City Chiefs

Tamba Hali did well for himself. It's been reported that Tamba is coming back to the Kansas City Chiefs and now there are details on the contract with NFL Network's Rand Getlin reporting it's a three-year deal worth $22 million.

I'm a little surprised it's that much money considering the Chiefs signed him to what was essentially a one-year deal last season. As always the structure of this contract matters. It could be a two-year deal with that $12 million guaranteed, which would line up with the amount of money he made last season. Or it could not. We shall await more specifics on the cap hits.

Tamba is clearly getting older and past his prime but he can still be valuable in the right role. He's been solid in the first half of the season the past few years injuries have caught up in the second half. Last season it was a broken thumb and a balky knee That knee, by the way, is one that Tamba said could be helped with surgery (which it appears he did have).

Tamba has to work with Dee Ford, the Chiefs 2014 first round pick who has been a part time player behind Tamba the past two years. Tamba's leadership qualities working with Ford could help out there.

The big picture with all of this? A Chiefs legend is more than likely going to retire a Chief. See you in the Chiefs Hall of Fame one day, Tamba.

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