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Chiefs free agency: Donald Stephenson signing with the Broncos, per report

Say it ain't so, Donald Stephenson. The soon to be former Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle is set to sign with the Denver Broncos when free agency opens on Wednesday afternoon. This according to the KC Star's Terez Paylor.

I wonder if that's what this tweet was referring to:

No details on the contract or money involved. Stephenson could very well have a bright future ahead of him. He has the talent but perhaps just needed a change of scenery. Unfortunately, he's going to the Chiefs biggest rival. That's what sucks about this whole thing. He couldn't go to San Francisco or Carolina or somewhere else where he wouldn't be facing the Chiefs twice a year. But now I imagine Stephenson is going to be ready to face his old team. It's no Neil Smith to Denver but this rivalry just got more fun today.

It's really unfortunate that he didn't work out in Kansas City because the Chiefs still need an offensive tackle. Stephenson is from the Kansas City area so it would've been cool if it did work out.

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