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Kansas City Chiefs have no bad options at center

We've previewed the Chiefs quarterbacksrunning backsoffensive tackles and guards. Now we look to the center position...

Previewing the Kansas City Chiefs center position is much easier than the then offensive tackles or guards because there's really one main question to answer: Is Mitch Morse the starting center? If so, the discussion ends there. If not, you look at your options, including Zach Fulton. It's all about creating the most roster flexibility.

So let's talk center...

Mitch Morse: Remember when Eric Kush was the top center? That feels like forever ago now. Morse quickly showed last season that he has a bright future at center in the NFL -- remember that first Texans game against Vince Wilfork. He shows the perfect blend of athleticism and strength to man the center position in Andy Reid's offense. The downside to Morse? Concussions. He had two of them last season. It's definitely a concern, not only for his short and long-term health but also for his availability. The Chiefs seemed extra cautious last season with concussions, which is a good thing. The Chiefs need another option at center, someone who can play multiple games if needed, not just a one game fill in. They need a legit backup. Which brings us to...

Zach Fulton: Normally a guard, Fulton stepped in for Morse twice last season when Morse went down with concussions. I was very impressed with Fulton at center because he not only did a good job but also because I had few expectations for him given he has been a guard during his time in Kansas City. Fulton played well enough that it made me wonder if the Chiefs might not be better off with him playing center while Morse plays guard. You could argue that Fulton at center and Morse at guard is better than Morse at center and Fulton at guard, although we're doing a lot of guessing with Morse's ability to play guard. It's something to consider as you're constructing the Chiefs roster.

Daniel Munyer: The Chiefs brought him up from the practice squad when Morse was out of the Wild Card game and Fulton was starting at center. I'd be lying if I said I knew he was any good. He appears to be the third center option behind Morse and Fulton so I suspect we don't be seeing much of him in Kansas City.

It's Game Time.

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