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Robert Griffin III rumors will heat up ... here are some free agency options

Robert Griffin III rumors will start picking up steam shortly as Washington has reportedly told him he will be released. This comes from multiple reports stating that he has been cut. The news will be official at some point soon.

This is a surprise to absolutely no one as Washington wasn't going to pay him $16 million next season to sit on the bench behind Kirk Cousins, who is now making nearly $20 million on the franchise tag.

So where does RGIII end up? The Chiefs will be mentioned among those as a possible landing spot, although it doesn't make a ton of sense (just some). This is mostly due to the presence of Andy Reid and his work with quarterbacks. It would be neat for the Chiefs to sign RGIII but I can't really see it happening IF the money is anything more than backup money. RGIII is going to want an opportunity to start someplace because he's still just 26 years old. He has plenty of potential left but he won't get that starting job in Kansas City in the next few seasons with Alex Smith there.

If, however, RGIII is willing to sit...

...the Chiefs make plenty of sense, especially if he's not looking for a big contract because the Chiefs can't really afford that. Andy Reid makes quarterback rumors awfully fun!

Other places to consider are the Jets if they don't re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick or the Houston Texans. Also consider the Broncos if they don't re-sign Brock Osweiler or the 49ers if they don't keep Colin Kaepernick.

Speaking of Chase Daniel, RGIII could affect where he goes. A team who needs a quarterback may opt for the potential of RGIII rather than looking at Chase.

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