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Jets' Ryan Fitzpatrick to hit free agency? Then let's talk about Chiefs' Chase Daniel

Let's connect some dots. The New York Jets were widely expected to reach agreement on a contract with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. It's not clear the type of money they were talking about but considering there is no middle class with quarterback contracts it was probably a ton of money. Now there's this from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport:

Why does a Chiefs blog bring this up? Because of Chase Daniel, that's why. I wondered previously if he could be an option. The Chiefs backup quarterback is finishing up his three-year deal in Kansas City and is expected to hit the market on March 9. Daniel wants to be a starter someplace after a seven year career as a backup. He doesn't have the size or the starting experience but I believe he has the mental makeup required to lead a team.

As noted above, there really is no middle class quarterback contracts. You're either a bridge quarterback making a few million per year or you're making $15-plus million per year. It's hard to find a middle ground of guys like Fitzpatrick. Chase is an attractive option because he likely wouldn't be as expensive as other proven starters. Fitz may be the better quarterback but he has to be significantly better to justify that much more money than a quarterback like Chase.

On paper, Chase Daniel in New York makes some sense. I would love for him to get an opportunity as a starter. The Chiefs have young quarterbacks behind him on the roster that need to be developed anyway.

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